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terms of use 

Buying from Plecter Labs supposes the complete and total agreement to our general terms of use.

Plecter Labs is in no way affiliated, associated, licenced or endorsed in any manner by Lucas Films Ltd., Industrial Light and Magic, Disney or other franchise. All the brands and trademarks listed on our website are the property of their respective owner.

We are not VAT registrered due to our Company format & structure and our prices are NET and engage ourselves on the current stock of items, when the customer orders on the Plecter Labs Website.

Wholesale & lots:
For quantity orders, contact us before ordering for an appropriate price offer and stock verification.
Shipping cost are calculated using the real weight of items, during the checkout of the order. When the goods are shipped using the insured + tracking shipping method Colissimo, a tracking number is sent to the customer.
We are not responsible of delayed shipping or lost / damaged items during shipping. We cannot refund the customer if the package gets lost unless he chooses the insured + trackable shipping method.
We accept Paypal for our payments. If you don't have a Paypal account, Paypal allows you to complete your payment using your Credit Card, via their website with a fully secured process.
The specifications and features of the products we sell are described for each item. Photographs are not contractuals.
Limited Warranty:
We guaranty that the purchased products are shipped tested and fully functionnal, unless specifically labeled with the mention "sold as is".
We guaranty that the products we sell will be delivered functionnal, except if the item has the special mention "sold as is". All claim for a defective item must be done in the 7 days after the delivery of the goods.
Our electronic boards have a limited warranty of 90 days after the delivery date. The warranty covers defects and malfunction of the board itself and/or its parts, as well as manufacturing defect.
The limited warranty DOES NOT COVER :
•  Any divine / god act and accidents
•  miuse, abuse of the product
•  normal wear and tear
•  negligence
•  improper handling, commercial use or modification of the product
•  any repair attempt by anyone aside of Plecter Labs or one of its affiliates
The limited warranty doesn't apply if the result defect is the consequence of an element other than the board itself.
The limited warranty is NOT transferable
We cannot be held for responsible of the damages and/or harm that could result from the use or unappropriate use of Plecter Labs products.
The items sold by Plecter Labs are dedicated to a DIY install by the user in a final prop. The wiring and integration require specific skills in electronics (but not only). The customer must be capable of understanding the product, its use, installation, wiring and operation and must comply to the appropriate and required safety procedures.
The customer must ensure that the purchased item is compatible with his application / targeted use.
CONSULT our DOCUMENTATION & TUTORIAL articles to UNDERSTAND how to use our products.
Special Clause about High-Power LEDs (aka "Luxeon LEDs"):
Certain Plecter Labs products can be connected to high power LEDs (>1W) which are considered as class II lasers and can damage the retina. The user must take ALL REQUIRED safety precautions when using those components and never directly look at such a powered LED.
We can't be held responsible for damages or injuries caused by the use or misuse of an external part connected to our boards.
Plecter Labs proposs a repair service accessible in the "Service" section of the website. A proper RMA must be obtained from Plecterlabs before purchasing such a service on the website. Any returned product must be shipped with a printed note containing the product order #, the email address along with the customer name and shipping adress, and finally the product issue / defect. The boards must be fully cleaned and the soldering pads totally emptied and solder free. Non cleaned boards repairs will be charged twice.
Firmware update:
In the case of a bug found on the current revision of the firmware, the latter can be updated by Plecter Labs for free (aside of the shipping cost). In the case of an update for upgrading the feature set of a board, a "Update service" fee is provided on the website in the service section.
Any product returned for upgrade must be shipped with a printed note containing the product order #, the email address along with the customer name and shipping adress, and the purpose of the return (firmware update).
As the article L121-16 of the french consummer code stipulates, the customer has 7 days to send the goods back (at his own charge) and to claim for a refund. Shipping is not refundable. Order cannot be cancelled through the website. Once validated and payed, orders will be processed and shipped. If you ordered by mistake, contact us quickly. An order can be returned only after contacting us FIRST.

The Customer is responsible of the choice of the shipping method that best suits him. Due to the very low weight of most of our items (<100 g) we tend to ship a lot with first class mail / small packets. We also provide fully insured parcels with tracking but the flat rate policy of that service (up to 1kg for the first price offer) is often not the best bargain for a single board. Still, the Customer can choose which one he/she prefers.
Plecter Labs cannot be held responsible for damage or loss occuring during the shipping of the purchased goods, insured shipping methods are provided to cover those issues (which are extremely rare). No order refund or replacement can be offered if the selected shipping method isn't insured.
Combined Shipments:
We have removed the possibility of combining orders due to massive abuse of the system, and customers not following the simple requested guidelines. We won't refund extra shipping cost thought orders can be shipped in the same parcel.

Out of stock - backorder policy:
We try to keep our stock running for our products, however we can be out of stock. We do not allow to order a product that isn't in stock. No pre-order, no booking. We do not have any waiting list, we sell only what we have actually in stock. To be notified of stock update, our Facebook page and our section at the Fx-Sabers Forums remain the best solutions to be notified of stock & products updates.
Bulk orders:
We can arrange bulk orders for minimum quantities of 50 or 100 depending on the selected product. Bulk orders are meant to help sport groups and sabermith business to get a steady supply of sound boards, but those aren't meant to be resold as bare boards, we already have distributors for this.

We produce electronic boards on our spare time which remains sparse. We tend to manufacture the electronic boards in batches, all year long, as often as possible.
We process orders once or twice a week but we do our best to reduce order processing delays. Order processing can be slowed down independantly from our will, especially when facing an important demand on the website.
We offer a standard -10% discount for orders containing at least 10 identical soundboards. Use the discount code area during checkout with the code SOUNDB10.

For any questions, the best is to contact us by email at sales[at]plecterlabs[point]com[me] or by using the contact form of the website.
When answering to our emails, please use the "reply to" function instead of creating a new empty message, this helps us to keep track of our communication with the customer and serve him best.

Thank you - The Plecter Labs Team
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