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DL-44 Blaster with sound & light Fx


15/09/2007 - I decided to implement the first official prototype of Blaster Core PCB in a DL44 ESB project. Based on an airsoft mauser (that will not shoot afterwards). This is while working on this project that I discovered airsoft, which then led me to the Alien Pulse Rifle project.
I wanted to build something in which I could had some light and sound Fx, and without spending a lot of money. The well known Denix replica, sold by for instance, is really heavy and does not have a lot of room inside.
The airsoft mauser I got is not a perfect replica, but I'll get rid of a few things later. Like the fake embossed selector on the left side (removed, glass fiber matt and aluminium added resin inside the gun). Lots of room in this airsoft gun, perfect for my electronic system !

► Unmounting the 2 halves. I've glued the moving part that was arming the spring (cyanoacylate glue + resin).

Attaching the inner rifle to the gun, and the outter decorative barrel to the gun body

Magazine ejection button partially masked (more putty and sanding when the electronic will be in place)

What about adding a blaster core in there ??? The hole of the magazine was hidden with a custom piece of plasticard and is used to hold the 6 LEDs of the energy / range selector bargraph. I chose to make a vintage (old fashionned ?) red / yellow / green bargraph since it's a weapon from the old trilogy.

The trigger and the general power switch, hidden under the aim. Initially, the security lever was supposed to be the main switch, however I found the piece was weak, so I glued it in place with some epoxy putty.
The spring animated hammer will receive a little brass piece to activate the micro momentary switch for recharging, unjaming and range selection.

01/10/2007 - I'm almost done. The mount, flash hidder and piston were machined today. I haven't bought any kit, just used some of Alan's marvellous blueprints and tried to figure out some scale for the piston. I know this DL44 will not be a close replica, but I wanted to make everything myself.
The flash hidder does not have the proper grooves (I don't know the english name for that... adding grooves on metal, like a thumb screw, to improve the grip). I add only diamond / crossed groove patterns, I'll buy the other shape later.
The scope is missing, I have to build it. The sound is not gigantic, for sure. I chose not to add extra holes, I wanted some sound, that's all, I did not want to harm to much the external design (okay, I know it's not as accurate as a denix but...)
The revell piston, machined in a little piece of nylon I had.

The Blaster

  The 2 leds, one red for the main flash circuit, a blue one for the stun ray

  The aiming device hides the on off switch

The hammer trigger the range selection, reloads and unjam the weapon. Also used at boot to enter the vocal menu. A little momentary flat switch was used as the aux button. It has a brass membrane, so even the look is cool, like the back of a real ammo. Since the hammer select the range / power of the blaster, it's exactly like it's described in the SW visual dictionnary : the "enhanced blast delivery circuit". A short pressure on that select the range or unjam the weapon, a long pressure reloads the weapon.

The piston, cut in 2 halves and attached with two M3 allen stainless screws.

The battery, hidden in the handle, one grip is glued, the other one is clipsed.

Another view

► Blue flash (stun ray, with random flashing)

► Red Flash (main shooting flash of the blaster)

►01/11/2007 - I'm done with the scope. Took close to an entire day to machine, I'm not really fast for that job, I acutally had to find the way to hold and machine the pieces, and in which order to make the different operation.
Ended pretty well, no putty, all made of nylon and PVC. Not absolutely accurate, but IMO, it looks better than some of the poor quality modling I've been able to see on E11. This one is not as good as a blast tech kit, for sure, however, it cost me like 5 euros total, mainly plastic rods and screws. It even has a fake front lens, made of a spare maglite glass.

The different parts (the front foot is missing here)

► The finished blaster, under different angles and views

Now, I can start my Millenium Falcon model... with sounds and light Fx, of course ;-) !

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