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Makeshift Pipette / Chemical Dropper


The other day at work, I needed to revive some solder paste with flux and I realized I was out of disposable syringe or pipette. My flux bottle can make nice spills and with a funnel you just can't control the quantity you pour.

So I decided to craft a makeshit pipette using... Heatshrinking tube !

First choose the length of the pipette. Mine is about 12 cm long, add 1 or 2 cm to the final length for sealing the top.

Heat one end to start shriking it over 1 cm, always use the blue of the flame (never the yellow part of it) to maximize heat without burning. Right after shrinking, use the flat pliers to seal the end. Let cool down then cut the excess with the cutting pliers or scisors.

Finally, to make the pipette tip, just shrink some of the other end (I did 2 cm) and let cool down. Remember to ALWAYS let the tip cool down enough if you plan to use flammable liquids or chemicals like solvent or my flux !

► DISCLAIMER : that pipette isn't qualified for handling strong acids or hard chemicals despite the fact heatshrinking tube is made of polyoiefin, same family as PE. Use that makeshift pipette for common liquids / weak chemicals like rubbing alcohol, water (even acetone should work)


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