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Better (folding) paint booth


Supposed to be a "one day build" like Adam Savage but well, but it rather turn into OMG-it's-taking-ages-I'm-so-busy day build since I'm not him (but I have all my fingers intact)
My pinball friend Frank gave me his spare snail fan to be used as a fume extractor, I thought I might use it for the laser but the internal fan is enough, so it went back to the attic. I did a lot of priming and painting in the shed recently and dusted the hell out of it, I wear a respirator but I hate putting dirt everywhere, it's contaminating everything. I don't have a lot of space for dirty / dusty jobs, and that shed is really the place for this, I'm glad I reworked it a little to better fit the media blasting cabinet. The bench got monopolized by painting each time I would need to paint, so I decided to make a folding paint booth, using as many spare parts I could find, and 3D printing what I didn't have.

Done in 3 days, drying times and other things to do (business as usual)

I printed :
- cabinet hinges (in pink ABS)
- air vent
- OD adapter between the fan and the exhaust tube  I had (120 to 100 mm, 5 minutes design in Inventor CAD, 2 prints cause the first wall was a little shallow and it cracked after mounting it)
3D printing saved already a lot of money, hinges are expensive and the cost of plastic, even ABS is abysmal compared to amazon prime stuff. It really felt great to use all the spare wood, cintra, L bracket etc... that's really something that frees my mind. I tend so save screw as well when I disassemble something, and I had a lot of extra long screws from the V2 shed done a few years ago, so all hardware covered. I also like the (re)use of non-perfect materials that I saved just in case, ugly cheap-ass plywood that came as part of the mill outer box, wavy and less glue that on cigarette paper but works for the job.
The snail

The place

The mount

The cut


The exhaust (+ 3D printed flange adapter first gen)

The $.20 vent before priming and painting it beige


The framing

The hinges. That's one thing of 3D printing... printing in one piece what usually requires 2 pieces + fasteners. This one is a A+B hinge printed in one shot, self centering with tapered make part, the top / ceiling flap uses prisoners hinges, also printed as one part, flat with the axle  inside. Once printed, force it to "snap" a little, and it rotates freely (look for hinges on thingiverse)


I tend to purchase "souvenirs" from my USA trips. Blue painters tape when it was hard to find here, and gorilla glue epoxy or devcon. But I didn't use a lot of it and it was aging, so I was glad to open the syringes and find that I could still use them.
Left the cling on the cintra sheet, it's grabbing the paint efficiently and I can remote it later for a fresh start once it's too ugly

Offset filters designed in Illustrator, had to cut in 4 pieces for each sine the laser is small. Wood glue and scrap pieces of MDF for this makeshift contraption of a filterism (ish). The partial offset between the 2 is supposed to force the paint particles to move around and the tangential speed project them to the wood panels so that it doens't go too much in the final filter or in the snail fan (or outside). Filter frame can be removed for changing the filters as well

Almost in


loosing virginity in progress. A better light fixture got ordered, it will be installed with magnets under the hood for when it's needed, adjustable 2700 or 4000k led lighting, good stuff (philips). In the meanwhile, that architect lamp reclaim from the work place is doing the job !




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