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Thermal Detonator (KR/OR kit)


That's a KR / One Replica. It's actually very well machined and properly chromed (brass => nickel => chromed) and nice engineering. I traded my kits for boards, good trade, and that catalyzed the dev of the new version of the board, as usual (better to test / code with the prop on hands)
Like on the oubliette run (which was AWFULL product / result) The fun part was to make the red lamp as a functional trigger. Nobody would figure out and I'm probably the only one to make it working. Too bad, people miss the quotes, the lockup and the font change.
The chassis for the sound board was not finished yet (and will not be made by me but by GOTH3D / Rick) so I used the central switch holder to attach a pair of 8ohm speakers with old style hot-glued items. Sorry about the mess.
sunday joke, "proof that tony stark has a thermal detonator"

I thought I had some build pictures of the red lamp trigger but no. I just used a lit switch and glue the red cap on it, nothing crazy. The real surgery was to enlarge a bit the trigger ring as it was a tight fit (since not a moving item), and increase the plunging depth. Just hobby knife work + diamond file (old school) then 2 part epoxy.

[....]  UPDATE TO COME : beauty pics of the chassis upgrade, I installed GOTH-3Design's chassis in gold plated 18k !


Video Demo

Featured in Adam Savage's Cave / TESTED laugh

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