CF-LS™ V6.50

The Best Saber Sound System ever... but a LED STRIP driver as well !
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THIS IS THE LED STRIP VERSION OF CF !! Make sure you read the development thread about it here
The CF-LS is highly inherited from our former CF for high-power LEDs, we suggest you also read the regular CF user's manual, in addition of the CF-LS manual.

Fully designed from scratch by Plecter Labs, Crystal Focus Saber Core is a single board featuring a ledstrip driver and an interactive motion sensitive sound unit. It plays digital quality sound samples (22KHz / 16 bits) for  power on,  humming,  swing (up to 16 slots), clash (up to 16 slots), blaster (4 slots), blade lockup, force push (2 slots) and power off. On/Off control of the module can be done with a latching switch or a momentary switch (setup with our SD-Config™ technology). The switch or button must be bought separately.
Our module also triggers additional effects such as blaster ray blocking and blade lockup with an additional auxiliary button (not provided). Sounds and setup can be changed by the user using a simple USB SD card reader. Comes with a microSD card. Wiring supplies and speaker to be ordered separately.

►The board comes with 6 sound banks made by Novastar, installed on the microSD. You can obtain more sound fonts at saberfont.com, see this page.

Crystal Focus also features A-POP technology : Anti Power On/Off Protection. An option on the configuration file can require that the user confirm the saber power off using the aux. button. This avoids any accidental power off of the saber, especially when using momentary buttons for activation.

The sound fonts of previous versions remain compatible with version 6 with no modification.
CFSC V6 handles WAV files !  It also handles a 7 LED bargraph that can be also used as a PLI (LEDs not provided). Additional gesture recognition features have been added like BlasterMove and PowerOnMove as well as visual effect synchronization with Flash on Clash(FoC).

Dimensions : 54.3x23.5x5 mm (with the microSD card).
Power supply : 5.5 à 11 V. 2 li-ion cells (18650 or 14500) batteries recommended.
Idle current consumption : 3 mA
Compatibility : Common anode (+) led strips, Seriallel wiring advised. 2A per segment x 6 segments
Speaker : 4-8 ohm, up to 2W. NOT provided, must be purchased separately here

Download the user's manual of this module for detailed features.
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