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My second blaster, with light and sound !


Episode II : The Glue Gun Strikes Back

Then... I broke my personal glue gun... no big deal, got a new one for less than $7. Interesting shape, and small in hand, a bit like star trek phasers. And I had this MP on a forum asking me if my saber core sound board system could be transform into a blaster board... Size is always an issue, let's try to make a blaster core ! I modded a crystal focus saber core PCB and started writing down the specs
I really wanted to make a blaster board that would be :
- as small a possible
- configurable for sounds and behavior with a removable SD card
- same quality as crystal focus saber core
- small (someone, including myself might dream one day of making a noisy cricket from MIB)

The video on youtube (in english)

Some pics of the prop building steps.
Some parts had holes and were filled with epoxy putty. An "old metal" paint job will hide that later.

Cleaning the 2 halves of the pistol, attaching the blast emitter (ultra short) that was slightly modified with my lathe, and the hole diameter increased so that the light will be more visible.

General power switch, a push on/push off latching model, with a chromed cap imprisonned with resin.

Additionnal controls and display : from left to right the future bargraph indicating the remaining energy in the weapon and the range, then the automatic / single shot selector (switch and LED). The shape I cut are ugly cause the plastic of the pistol is a special one (resisting to heat) and is really hard to mill.

The electronic guts with the 9V battery powering the whole prop. The 5 LEDs above simulate the progression of the blaster ray. The electronic module on the right side is attached to a 1w luxeon that produces the flash in the riffle. It comes from a luxeon flashlight I've use 1 year and half ago to make a saber, and it finally has its utility ! It sends 350 mA in the LED, glued to the blaster emitter.
In the center, the blaster core, that handles everything, play sounds, select scenarios etc.

The bargraph playing an animated pattern

Almost done. In the upper right corner, a piece of an old 6.35mm jack simulates the blaster gas tank. At the bottom of the handle, a cap simulates the refill hole for the gas tank. It hides the AC cord hole, and in the futur, when I'll have the appropriate li-ion batteries, it will be a recharge port.

A few o-rings to decorate the weapon... and force this area to tighten, since it was not so well adjusted

Back side

Control panel with automatic shooting mode selected

The last LED of the ray and the flash lit (hard to picture !)

The blaster was too "clean"... a little whearing, however, I'm not good at all for that, but I tried anyway

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