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Felicis Pueri


A lightsaber built for my daugther back in 2010

... her b-day was a month later (4 years old) and she wanted a red saber. Will never forget the day when I ask her, showing the starkiller hilt:
"my sweetheart, do you know whose saber is this ?" (understand, "which character")
"yes I know... it's mine !"

FELICIS PUERI(happy child)

Why posting a PVC saber in my portfolio ? It's a way to show it's possible to build a custom saber with scrap/off the shelf parts. I confess I used the lathe to grind the inside of the plastic parts to go faster but still, I could have used a file. So everybody (even on a budget) can build something !

I'm going to use off the shelf parts, time to empty the drawers. Not to be cheap but I like recycling and I'm NOT going to offer my daughter a Master Yoda negociator. Let's start with PVC. Every saga has a beginning anyway.

- Joe Jedi parts I saved for that, after I made made my starkiller lightsaber.
- Sink tube adapter and a TCSS blade holder.
- 28 mm PVC tube as chassis. Some sink tube rings/sleeves as fillers.
- Loads of JBWELD.
- The idea is to have the grip section removable to access the electronics (I "think" I'll have to service this one from times to times).
Initial design was a single 18650 li-ion cell, Petit Crouton "blind prototype" (no driver) with dark meat, and a buck puck. Seoul P4 red if I can find one in my drawer.

assembly in progress

sith saber she wants, sith saber she will get, but still, I'll add a pair of blue blinkies and a RGB color changing 3mm one. No reason it can't be a girly saber and I know she likes colors !

Saber will be around 30 cm which is long, but I want her to be able to hold it properly, one hand on the bottom/pommel, the other above the activator section, while still NOT touching the aluminium emitter (let's say I'm trying to be a good father).
I'll of course adapt the blade length to her size.

[...] Next day

done !

blurred sorry. The buckpuck is held in place with 2 screws. I used some small aluminium parts as fillers.

Remove the grip section and the PC is there. I moved to a 2x14500 solution since the buckpuck likes at least 5V. The led is a red Lux III

Reused the thumbscrews (floppy plastic) one for the aux switch the other for the slow RGB led (3mm). Since removing the fake screw left a dirty hole in the middle I covered it with a plastic gem for the glams and it looks very nice with the RGB color changing led that is right under.

The 2 accents the PC handles are also there, a red and a white

Not closed yet, in case I need to tweak the SD card. B-day is in one month, I have time. Done. Can move to the next thing on the ToDo list !!

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