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Mace Windu Lightsaber



Another of my unicorns, it's a Korbanth hilt. Designed for 3/4" blades, not fan but it makes the saber accurate visually.
Not much to do on the hilt but I was happy to do a bit of machining, it had been a while. Custom LED holder / heatsink, brass activation pin, the fun parts of installing a saber.
The choice for the pico crumble over anything else (NB, Crystal Shard) was the size... of the blade. 3/4" aren't that bright and bend way too much, so it doesn't make the saber appealing for dueling. Beside, no real room for a 2W 20mm speaker though I could have machined the pommel but I decided to stick to my monolithic chassis and a 16 mm speaker. At the end, it makes a cool demonstrator saber for the Pico sound board and an addition to my collection of working lightsabers.

- Pico Crumble sound board
- 10 bit sound
- Sith font by Lord Blako
- Hidden activation switch
- 16 mm speaker
- 3D printed chassis though it's really just a "sleeve"
- Monolithic install, slides out in 1 piece
- Access to RICE-edge preserved
- Hidden recharge port


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