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Darth Sidious Saber


I got this hilt from LDM, same as the Korbanth run. Made of stainless steel, I hardly (pun intended) envisioned how HARD this will be to work with, and it's part of the delay for finishing this saber.

Special thanks to LDM for some powder coating tips and Alex Gordon for his magic sanding gear tool.
Though it still doesn't look exactly like the awesome MR version of the hilt I also own, I tried to get as close as possible with the equipment and tooling I had.
The hilt got deburred with some 180 grit sand paper, then media blasted, sanded again with 220 and 320, unfortunately not as much as I wanted in the caved edges, passed in the tumbler,
and finally polished with some special stainless compound first, then rouge. Still a far cry from the MR, but I think that one got actually chromed (?) which makes the surface smoother.

It's currently missing the darkened toothing near the LEDs to mimic the MR, I'll do that later this WE.
- Crystal Shard 3.0 (proto)
- 16 bit sound
- Sidious sound font (2 variants) by Novastar + Dark Meat
- Working accent LEDs
- Working LEDs *AS* switches too
- 3D printed chassis though it's really just a "sleeve"
- Monolithic install, slides out in 1 piece
- Easy access to the SD card
- Wireless RICE
- Tri-Cree RRW w/ Flash on Clash
- Hidden recharge port




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