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SmartAss Box II (Chiantos Box)


I recently went back to the universe of Dungeon of Naheulbeuk a very funny "radiophonic style" saga authored by Pen of Chaos (John Lang). It's a funny story mixing the RPG culture, Lord of the Rings, Medieval-Fantastic etc. PoC also likes to invent fake medieval products and even makes ads for them (the Lorieliane Shampoo for instance). One of those products is the Chiantos (could be translated as "Pissoff-ator"), a small sweet made by the Dwarfs out of Mine Mushrooms and with Granite Powder with which you're supposed to be a perfect smart ass all day.
This inspired me to make a variant of my SmartAss Box !

PoC kindly accepted to record 80 pun/insults/jokes, some of them are modified version of what I got with the original smartass box, others he invented himself.

This time I used some small plastic crystals/nuggets I illuminated with accent LEDs driven by the modified Crystal Focus saber board I'm using for that project. The illumination suggests the "magic" power, and the colors keep the whole thing into "sweet" context :-)

To get the Chinatos concept pushed further, I proposed different colors, dependending on the force of the joke you want to get thrown to your "oponent". The box could have chosen the strength itself, based on how hard you shake the box but I didn't sort all the recordings from the weakest to the strongest (maybe for version III ?)

Anyway, another "box" project, but it's so enjoyable to build those. I love boxes !

►Chiantos Specs Sheet : Choose your color !

►Recharge port & kill key, like on a saber. Board is powered with 2x16340 li-ion cells.

►Engraving the copper plate for the lid.

►Video (english version)




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