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Graven's Special Gift : the SmartAss Box


Participating to the JSSDC xmas gift exchange, I got Graven's name :-)
I had buried that project long ago having nobody to play with me. Talking with a friend of mine, the project moved to a "smart ass box". Initially it was meant to be an "excuse generator" : when you're asked to do something the box answers for you why you can't do it.
I asked other members of JSSDC to record their own sentences to make this gift even more unique and personnal.
The idea is that you open the box to get a random sentence, line, pun. To "arm" the box, you first need to shake it, then you can open it.
The gift is based on a modified CF board with a custom firmware, I only left the swings and iSaber, and there's no hum. I sampled a matchbox and the result is bluffing, you really hear like there's something moving in the box.
The box is a cheap wood box from a local gift store. I used some leather dye to turn it to a nice brown color, making a nice contrast with the brass. Then shoe shine, and wood wax (liquid wax for furniture) and a good rub.

The inside stand is a piece of plasticard. I JBwelded an acrylic crystal, drilled so that a 5 mm LED can light it up, controlled by the luxeon driver of the CF.
A big speaker, a 16340 (li-ion) battery pack and a 1.3 mm recharge port, and here we are.
I kept the accent leds and the aux button to give an organic look to the inside, plus some absurb / funny decoration :

  • A deforming mirror that says you look good whatever happens.
  • "Use with Caution"
  • "Don't assault the box"
The metal logo is made of a piece of 0.4 mm PCB. Polished and protected with a clear semi gloss coat.


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