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Henry Jones Grail Diary


During a Convention in Cusset, France, a member of the RL French Base, who is also a big fan of Indy, had a complete booth full of Indy props and gear. I was totally sold to the idea !
He had in particular a Grail Diary (The Last Crusade). He kindly gave me some references (thanks Thex) and I discovered with no suprprise that just like SW and Sabers, you have tons of decicaded reference websites and forums.

I wanted to learn how to make a book from A to Z, so that was a good opportunity.

Some Good Websites :

There was on everything you need to build a printed diary. It's normally used as a visual reference for making an "actual" one using pen and inks. But I'm not that gifted, so I chose the way of the Laser Printer.
After printing odd and even pages arranged in signatures, the latters are sewed together to get a book made. Then it's aged and distress. I used 3 bags of green tea + 1 bag of black tea, and you might add one dark expresso too.
The edges of the book were soak with lemon juince in a plate, I also threw some drop of lemon juice on some pages to alter the color.
Once it's quite well dried, pressed between 2 wood planks and clamps, you can iron the pages one by one, but not too hot or the toner ink will go away. Always use a clean piece of paper between the iron and the pages of the diary, otherwise you'll end with toner on the iron sole, and you will remove too easily toner from the pages.

The cover is made out of genuine leather I hand dyed and hand bound. I also used marble paper. The result isn't movie accurate, I'm not obsessed enought for the details of that props (most of my time is already eaten by SW and props electronics stuff) but overall it's pretty good.

For the funny note, I decided to make my first diary as a gift for my friend Novastar. He liked it so much that we made a video, here's the result :

Some pics - The first 3 are the build process of the first diary I made for Novastar, the others are the result of my second diary in which the aging process is less obvious since the first attempt damaged the book a lot. Now I have to take the diary in my bag for a while to age in a real way I suppose.

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