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Obi-wan Negociator (Fx Sabers Customized)


Fx-Sabers Obi-wan Negociator Luxeon Saber - Designed by Yoda & Customized by Erv'

► Just like for the graflex chassis, I requested this time again a sort of kit for this Negociator I've been lucky to put my hands on !
Being "a little bit busy" with the CF batch, I wanted to keep on gathering cool items for my collection but also be able to customize it.

The kit was very easy to install with the detailed pics yoda sent me. Just a little bit hard to shove the whole electronic guts inside. The whole saber is made of polished and anodized aluminium, the finish is just awesome !

First a little family picture, with the obiwan I machined back in mid 2006 on top.

The crown emitter, with the almost invisible aux button

►The now famous tangible crystal chamber. It's fantastic, I mean, so close to the things you can see in the SW visual  dictionnary, the look and feel is at the same time vintage and modern. Note the little gears that initially triggered my will to customize the beast. I've added a micro motor with an integrated reductor to get enough torque to drive the 2 gears. I initially tried with various kind of micro motor, either R/C oriented or pager motors, but I needed more torque. The motor was glued in place with an epoxy putty base and JB weld to finalize the installation and garanty it won't move (the gears aligment is critical). The motor was wired just like my usual rumbling motor installations, with a 2k multiturn potentiometer / trimmer to adjust the speed. Power is taken from the luxeon output of the Crystal Focus board. While it's mirroring the luxeon behavior in theory, the reducer of course filters that, so the speed remains constant.
I'll probably fine tune a little bit the default sound & config package Yoda uses in his sabers but honnestly, the CF setup he made with Novastar is just great, especially the use of the accent led blinking sequencer to simulate the crystal activity ! Yoda's sabers aren't the only ones, but I'll mention they really use ALL the features provided by CF ! (except maybe the vibration motors, until of course I add my 2 cents with this "working" crystal chamber  Wink )

A little video so that you can see the gears moving :

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