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Ki-Adi-Mundi Saber


This is the CFV5 "demo" saber. Well I haven't invented warm water here but... a few tricks / ideas you might like to borrow 

Very nice hilt from the TriCloudWalker Run (Fx-Sabers / RPF) very nice work, I got the PCed version and tried my best to polish the aluminium part (my first real attempt to polishing with a buffing wheel)

I do believe that either TriCloud or Ki-Adi have a secret meaning in a mandalorian cryptic dialect. The deep meaning is for sure Cram-Fu. The ID of the hilt is 1.062".

- CFV5
- 10W Ledengin with Flash On Clash (FoC) via power xtender.
- 1" speaker (8 ohm)
- Custom  2 cell li-ion pack
- Invisible recharge port
- 3/4" blade holder (o be converted to 7/8" ?)
- working bargraph with power, ignition and PLI Fx
- Working + lit Aux Switch
- Brass screw as Activator

I had to go with active + intense machining. Despite the hilt is Powder Coated, I would not take the risk to hold it with the lathe chuck/mandrel. So I have to first machine some holders. Chuck side it's PVC. Emitter side it's PA6 nylon, required to deal with heat and mechanical effort (I lubricated a lot in any case). PA6 is great to make this sort of rings, when you don't use a ball bearing.
Third time I use my steady rest. Good investment.

Monolithic chassis. Center section is 1" machined polyCarb (piece of damaged blade).

The ledengin. Reworked Acerocket's holder intensively. Remove the back cap / heatsink and made my own using 2 dead lux III (the ones I kill during bench tests). The star base is just perfect, holes were already there for having loads of wire going out of the LED holder. 2 aluminium star base were JB welded, then machined to 19mm as well as the inside of the LED holder. The ledengin star pcb was also trimmed down.
Notice the extra care. Thermal tape. *Mind trick*. Using some you must. Heat shrink on the wires to ensure heat will not melt the PVC insulation.

Shove it in Babe !

Recharge port, hidden inside, in front of the speaker (that is part of the chassis). The recharge port has a JST connector to ensure the whole thing can be disassembled.

Final pics

Video (in 3 parts) I do appologize for my boring english. Slow to warm up in english mode this time = Total lack of style. I'm working on that  :) I've almost banned "way" as an adjective when I speak. Now I have to slow down on my "there ya go".



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