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Tron Legacy Identity Disc - 197 LEDs + light / sound Fx



I though I'd share about my Tron Legacy Identity disc build. The project waited a couple of years before getting started. Hitting december, I decided that all that backlog had to go somewhere, so I tackled the build right after christmas...

Specs / particulars

- 197 LEDs
- Soul Inertia retrofit kit. Disappointed by the amount of bubbles in the outer ring but I'll leave with it.
- USB rechargeable, 2x li-ion 14500 batteries in parallel, individually protected
- USB mass storage / flash drive (2GB). It's a freakin' storage disc or WHAT ?
- Crystal focus v7.5 sound board + slightly modified firmware + arduino for rapid prototyping
- 2 fonts from Novastar (with and without ambiance). I've added a few sounds as the fonts were made for CFv5
- Sam / Rinzler disc transition (color changing)
- swing / clash / flash on clash / spin Fx / lockup, inherited from the SW lightsaber context
- smooth ignition / retraction (97 LEDs)
- pulse mode in idle, wake up on move
- audio player (I've put the whole Daft Punk album in there)
- motion powered activation
- motion controlled font choice and audio tracks

Primer WIP. Trying to get rid of all the copyright marks and ugly text. Leaving the sound vents and former on/off switch for the micro USB access. On the latter can be read E O l. I left those as it reads as end of line and I found it cool.

The internals are quite clean despite of the number of LED used. I plead guilty for using a fair amount of hot glue to isolate connections and have the LEDs stay in place over a short amount of time, and not wasting epoxy.
- 4 ohm 20mm speaker
- hidden switches using fake magnets in the back
- internal reflector with alu tape to maximize diffusion / reflection for the inner ring and avoid internal shadows due to the electronics.
- proper 16 segment boot sequence, measured 250 ms per step via movie analysis and key frames. I had to cheat though, I didn't have the right multiple for the LEDs, so some segments are slightly shorter to match the amount of segments.
- spinning blade effect with dimmed pattern (not just on / off), very realistic

It's far from being accurate. I decided to totally mask the former activation switch from the toy though it seems the engraved contour appears on the original prop. Added some alu bezels to match the ref pictures I've seen in this forum. Hope you'll enjoy !


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