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A neat tool : my personnal warranty voider

Erv's "Warranty Voider"

That's a project I wanted to build for quite a while and it's been re-activated after a recent talk with Novastar. I wanted to machine a personal, SW themed, neat & handy tool.
During conventions, I often bring an aluminium suitcase with all my gear, but most of the time, it's too much.
That's basically what I need : allen (hex) keys (not all of them), screwdrivers, and a flashlight (proud member of the FSM I am)

►I decided to machine a tool allowing to group all of those, and I wanted it to possibly match my Jedi Costume and fit my medical pouch for isntance. I chose the look of a mini saber, but it could be a mini welder as well.choisi... un mini sabre.
I recycled a multi tip screwdriver from DX (click the pic). It as a magnetic base so that the tip stays automatically in place when inserted. Very handy.

►I inserted the tip holder in a big knurled bold supposed to be the blade emiter of the mini saber.  The body was made out of 606x aluminium stock & tubbing I had in my junk drawer.
It looks more like a Dr WHO Sonic Screwdriver but...

►For the flashlight, I had a Solitaire Maglite upgraded with a smart led bulb featuring a step-up converted to get a white LED working out of a single AAA battery ! I didn't want to hack that beauty, and I also wanted it to come out freely from the body of the saber, in case I'd need something accurate to do with it.
So I built a pommel cap with a thru hole so that it's just a holder for the maglite. A mini knurled screw that looks like a miniature covertec secures the pommel and the flashlight.
It can be used in the saber body or it can be taken out. When it's in place in the saber, it's also makes sure the screwdriver tips and allen keys don't go away.

►Screwdriver mode

►Need some precision work, remove the head of the saber. And you also have a 2 GB USB flash disk here !!

►The finished object. A few Black and Glow-in-the-Dark O-rings for the decoration and shock absorbtion.

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